Save money, save fuel, save the planet!!


We were the first garage in the country to sign up the Green Garage Network! This amazing scheme offers cost savings to yourself in fuel costs, repair bills, and also reduces the impact your vehicle has on the environment - it really is "win win"

Every Green Garage Network member is committed to doing four things every time they service your car…


1. Emission Reduction

As part of every service, we remove the harmful contamination that has built up inside your engine and fuel system. This results in guaranteed lower emissions and improved fuel economy.

2. Tyre Pressure Check

Low tyre pressures can significantly impact a cars fuel economy causing the engine to work harder. On every service we check and correct your tyre pressure.

3. Emission Guarantee

Your cars harmful emissions will be lower after your service and will remain low. If your car then fails an emission check within 6 months, we will re-treat your car free of charge.
(Guarantee is backed by Tec4)

4. Recycle Old Engine Oil

We ensure your old engine oil is either sent away for recycling or is disposed of responsibly to ensure it does not pollute the environment

To find out more about the Green Garage Network,

visit Green Garage Networks website